Japan village

DSC_0157Hello world!

This platform is a place where we want to raise awareness about ethics in fashion. What is ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion represents fashion that minimizes impact on our environment, human exploitation but maximizes benefits to people and communities.

In era of fast fashion, the awareness of ethical values in fashion has started slowly growing but  it is still unknown to many groups of customers.

This platform will try to encourage you to think before you purchase.

It also wants to remind you on your freedom of dressing. Show who you are, dress as you feel.

In this post we combined vintage denim jacket, a red skirt and an amazing coat by young Slovenian fashion designer KukiKruc and Adidas leggings.

Special thanks to

Nina Jordanovski – Makeup Artist

Kaja Repenšek – KukiKruc, fashion designer

DSC_0113DSC_9977DSC_0063DSC_9928 (1)DSC_0100DSC_0031DSC_0064DSC_0116DSC_0170DSC_0137DSC_0120photos: Robert Ribič


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